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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most pressing Questions


To Identify your NBTevo Version, on your iDrive, Navigate to: 

Navigation Maps -> Press Options Button -> Go To Settings -> Go To Position & Version History -> Version Information 

You should find your NBTevo Version in the form:

All coding files are made custom to your iDrive system and are tied to your VIN number. 

This process takes 3-5 working days and you should receive your code file within this time period, once you have paid for your service. 

Once your code file is ready you will receive it via email, along with the Installation Instructions. 

Instructions and Guidance are clear enough that you should be able to install your custom code file yourself. 

If you follow the instructions, nothing should go wrong. 

But, in the event that you unplug the USB while the updates are installing, or if anything disrupts the process, there is a high chance that you will just not get your features and can try again. 

Worst Case scenario is that your iDrive remains in a 'Bricked' state. If this happens you should consult your mechanic, or the BMW garage to get the system reset. 

There is no 'unrepairable' scenario. 

This is still a Gray Area. 

There have been many cases that BMW just doesn't care, or will just revert your iDrive to stock. There are some features that BMW can not detect, and there are others that are traceable. 

However, you should always do this at your own risk. 

You can always revert to your Factory iDrive settings before taking it in for a Warranty Claim. 

Unfortunately BMW does not offer any Android Auto functionality for the iDrive systems. 

When you receive your Code File, you will also receive an 'uninstall' file. 

If you ever want to restore your iDrive to its factory state you can load the 'uninstall' file on your USB and perform the Update procedure. 

This essentially, reverses all steps taken to enable your features. 

You can Link multiple phones to your iDrive, using CarPlay, just like the default functionality offered. 

However, you can not use more than one CarPlay connection at once

Normally, CarPlay needs a WiFi antenna to function properly. 

If you already have 'CarPlay Preparation' as an option, then you do not need anything further, as the antenna is already installed. 

If you don't have the the option, then you would need to talk to your mechanic or BMW, about installing the WiFi antenna

If you don't want to get the WiFi antenna installed, your CarPlay can still work, but your phone would need to be as close to your iDrive as possible. Typically, if you keep it in the front craddle or in the front cupholders, then you shouldn't have any issues. If you move it further back then you begin to have glitching or lagging on the connection. 

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